Michael Rutt, CISSP, CISA

Information Security Architect Solutions

Shared Threat Response - OmniSOC Work-flow

In today's threat landscape it's important to have many peer institutions that work together to identify, respond and re-mediate threats to an institution's network and assets. Peer institutions provide like methodologies to address and ever increasing threat landscape. Working with peer institutions can eliminate risk before it strikes your home institution.

Below is a process and work-flow created to visualize information flow between security operation centers.

  • OmniSOC
    • Role: Information Security Coordinator
    • Client: Higher Education
    • Agency: Information Security Architect Solutions
    • Year: 2018

    OmniSOC Work-flow

    OmniSOC is a new shared cybersecurity operations center for higher education. Founded by Northwestern University, Purdue University, Rutgers University, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Indiana University, this pioneering initiative strives to help higher education institutions reduce the time from first awareness of a cybersecurity threat anywhere to mitigation everywhere for members.

    A team dedicated to security operations can focus on real time threats as they happen. A dedicated security operations team can also focus on developing the skills needed to identify, respond and re-mediate in a efficient manner.