Michael Rutt, CISSP, CISA

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SSL Certification Process In A Enterprise Environment

Creating SSL certificates for web pages is a necessary and beneficial way to show your company takes security seriously while protecting customer data. In an large enterprise it's necessary to manage the SSL certificate creation process in house to save time and money. Being able to identify an efficient work-flow is important to the success of data security for your customers. Below is an example of how that process should look.

  • Role: Information Security Coordinator
  • Client: Higher Education
  • Agency: Information Security Architect Solutions
  • Year: 2018

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SSL Certification Creation Process

The SSL creation process in a enterprise environment usually includes multiple groups to make sure SSL certificates are created in an efficient manner. SSL certificates are valid anywhere from one to five years. A lot can change during that time span and mistakes can lead to service unavailability. It's important to have a process to manage the live host and continually monitor the site.

Continuous monitoring will lead to a much faster response and remediation for the availability of of your services. Taking the time to map out an effective process and workflow is the foundation to successful security operations..